Why International Schools in Bangkok Are the Answers for Your Child

            For parents with school-aged children, choosing a school for their children is a concern for many parents. Schools are an important place to nurture and develop children to grow up with quality. In addition to academic knowledge, it also includes skills, attitudes, and understanding of appropriate expression in living together in society. And nowadays, language is very important. Therefore, children should be able to speak at least 2 languages ​​to make life easier. The school that can best meet this requirement is an international school in Bangkok, which has many strengths that are ready for children to learn, as follows

1. Location

The reason why international schools in Bangkok have higher tuition fees than general schools is because the location is the main expense of the school. The more it is in the center of Bangkok, the higher the rent is. The rental price per square meter is the highest. Most international schools in Bangkok tend to have quite large areas, so the rent for the school’s space will be high. These expenses will be included in the tuition fees that the children’s parents will have to pay. Therefore, if you consider it carefully, it is not strange that the tuition fees of international schools in Bangkok are high. It is quite reasonable for what you get.

2. Reputation

Most international schools in Bangkok are chains of famous schools abroad that have expanded to various countries. These schools are well-known and widely recognized. Their reputation is a guarantee of the standard of the education system. It is not surprising that the tuition fees of international schools in Bangkok are high.

3. Hiring highly qualified and skilled personnel to teach means paying high wages.

Another reason why the tuition fees of international schools in Bangkok are so high is because of the high wages of teachers. Most international schools in Bangkok tend to hire foreign teachers to teach, so the teacher’s wages are also high. What students will receive is quality teaching and learning. Foreign teacher wages are a major expense of the school. This is one reason why the tuition fees of international schools in Bangkok are high.

4. Education system

The curriculum used in teaching is a curriculum that is internationally recognized and can be used to further their studies abroad. Most international schools in Bangkok have a good teaching system, especially schools in the same network as international schools abroad, which usually have to maintain their own standards so that they do not fall. The older the school, the better the reputation and international recognition, the better the teaching system will be. The tuition fees are usually high as well.

5. Complete learning support equipment and facilities

Another great thing about international schools is the complete facilities for the well-being of all students, from food and drink to modern learning equipment and facilities to support various activities to enhance children’s development. These things also require regular maintenance costs. And included in the tuition fee, making the tuition fee of international schools in Bangkok very high.

6. Social environment

Many people are familiar with the phrase that they are willing to pay a lot to buy society for their children. This phrase is very relevant to sending children to international schools. As mentioned above, all of these things are the reasons that cause the tuition fee to be very high. With the heavy expenses that the school has to bear, it has been calculated how much the tuition fee must be in order for the international school in Bangkok to continue operating reasonably. However, there is another reason why the tuition fee is high, which may be an indirect reason, which is the high social environment.

              In this regard, choosing to study at an international school in Bangkok may require paying more tuition fees than general schools, but if you think about the benefits that children will receive, it is considered something worth investing in. Because children will receive the best teaching and learning, and there are many facilities ready for learning, they will be in a good society, and have a good environment that will help them learn to their fullest potential and be able to build on it in the future.